Molly Fornadel Events + Design


I'm a wedding planner, designer, flower lover, & calligrapher and I'm passionate about celebrating all of life's special moments with style and grace.

My love for weddings started as a little girl. I watched Cinderella on repeat and couldn't wait for the wedding scene at the end. I dressed up as a bride for almost every Halloween. My Barbie dolls were constantly getting married and having fabulous parties. I used to make my friends walk with me to Winn Dixie to buy the latest Martha Stewart Weddings magazines. I had a ball planning my own wedding in 2010, and it was the most special day that I had always dreamed of. 

The feeling that I had at our reception when I was surrounded by everyone I love; my handsome new husband holding me tight,  looking around at all of the beautiful details, and thinking that I was the happiest girl in the world...

THAT is what I want to help other brides feel. 

Our wedding day was absolutely beautiful and all I ever wanted, but it was wasn't perfect. We didn't have a planner or a coordinator, and plenty of things went wrong. If I could rewind time and go back, I would have hired someone to make sure everything went smoothly -- and if any hiccups came up (which they're bound to!) , I'd want them to deal with it instead of me! I love helping couples make their dream day come true, and I really love making sure they are able to relax and let me take care of the responsibilities on their wedding day. You should be able to enjoy your day without worrying about anything other than marrying the love of your life. 


I learned how to do calligraphy when I was planning my own wedding in 2010. I loved the look of beautifully calligraphed envelopes, and was excited to learn and do my own addressing. After the wedding, I practiced here and there, but fell in love with calligraphy all over again in 2013 and decided to start my own little business addressing envelopes, designing invitations, and creating art prints. I always knew that someday, I would branch out and have a business doing wedding planning, floral designing, and calligraphy. Moving back to South Carolina after five years in New York seemed like the perfect time to finally follow my dreams! I'm so excited for this new venture and am thrilled to death to be able to help people to celebrate all of life's special moments with grace and style.

I would LOVE to work with you to help make your wedding the best day ever! Contact me to get started!